• Bruce60

    Kim and Bruce!

    October 20, 2013 by Bruce60

    On my profile picture is my little Princess, you guys should tell do we look? LOL

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  • HPCStAlbans


    January 10, 2011 by HPCStAlbans

    Well its taken 24 weeks however I’m immensely please to announce that this week HPC St Albans received a change of use to operate a leisure facility out of our site in St Albans.

    I’d like to thank all involved, particularly Graeme Free from DLA Town Planners for his tireless professionalism during this process. Enjoy you travels to the southern hemisphere Graeme, you deserve the break.

    We are aiming to open the facility towards the end of February.

    As the building starts to come together and computer generated visuals and photo’s are ready we will post these to the blog to keep all informed of our progress.

    So now the really hard work begins…..

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  • HPCStAlbans

    So the application normally takes 8 weeks, really?

    Well the application could have taken 8 weeks if I was happy to accept a NO!

    I don’t think so….

    At the start of this process I realised that running a fitness facility what with the long hours and opening the facility 7 days a week was going to be more than a little daunting by myself, so it was either hire more staff than I really wanted from day one or consider bring in an equally passionate business partner.

    I decided the latter would be much better from both a business aspect and for my sanity.

    I had a friend call Philip Doyle who I meet at the end of 2008 when he attended a L3 Personal Trainer qualification course I was tutoring. I was immediately impressed by his enthusiasm and background…

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  • HPCStAlbans

    After failing to find an alternative site to open my own club I decided a change of direction was needed.

    I needed to continue my own development and sitting behind a desk with a sales head on pushing my sales guys to sell more memberships was not doing this, in fact it was doing the opposite. I was stagnating in a sales culture, although I can sell and motivate other to do so, I do have to believe in what I selling to remain passionate, and selling memberships to a club that I knew was substandard to its potential I found de-motivating.

    So I decided to move into another area of the fitness industry that I’d previously incorporated into my management roles, and that was education.

    As a health & fitness manager and in a role I’d performed for …

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  • HPCStAlbans

    4 years ago I found myself coming to the end of a journey disillusioned with running clubs for others.

    I’d changed careers as a 26 year old moving from the printing and stationery industry to peruse a career in the fitness industry in an attempt to turn a passion into a career. This meant walking away from the opportunity of working towards taking over my family’s business and the nice salary I’d become accustomed to, but like many young men I’d drifted into a job rather than following a chosen career, it certainly wasn’t what I saw myself doing until the day I retired.

    I’d been training with weights since I was 13 years old when I started lifting weights to help control my weight, after a long summer holiday spent being far to sedentary as …

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  • Anju rai


    February 16, 2010 by Anju rai

    Hi , i m a research scholar in delhi university chemistry department. I am working on Structure Specific Protein which can binds or interacting with various DNA sstructures in different manner.

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